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Juan was born to a Sicilian Family in Buenos Aires Argentina, where he discovered his true love and passion for food at the hands of  “Antonietta Puleo” his beautiful Nonna.

He completed five years of Medicine studies at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) before deciding to follow his true passion of culinary arts. He made a 180 degree turn and began his career as a Chef. Juan is classically trained in some of Europe’s fine dining hotels and restaurants including the prestigious Three Michelin Star “Paul Bocuse” Culinary School in Lyon, France. He traveled the world and gained a great understanding for dining; an art of mixing flavor, aroma, sound, light, and ambiance. To Juan, food is an experience of “love, feelings, sense, and memories”.

Juan has managed several Michelin Star restaurants and hotels around the world and worked as an Executive Chef for international brands such as “InterContinental”. Since 2009, Juan has been the Culinary Director  and Corporate Chef for Solutions Hi, a leading Hotel/Restaurant Operator Consultancy Firm. With over 15 years of experience, he is now in charge of the entire food and beverage launching process: from the design concept to every vital detail of a truly outstanding gastronomic experience. In less than 4 years he has developed and managed the complete F&B business in prestigious establishments worldwide.

While Juan is still operating, supervising and consulting the F&B world, he is also currently developing food branding concepts with a focus on creative modern cuisine, fresh organic food and fair trade. His lust for life, food and adventure makes his professional and social life a unique celebration.